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Published on 22 May 2023

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Almost one month after the initial commit, for a project I thought would take 2 days, my new app HeyAIku is finally available on the App Store! With HeyAIku, users can generate beautiful haiku poems based on up to three chosen topics.

The project made with AI

It all started one night, when I couldn't sleep. My brain made me realise that there was an "AI" hidden inside the word for the traditional Japanese "haiku" poems. Then I got an idea: What if we could take the AI and make it generate haikus?

The next day I created a new Xcode project, and with SwiftUI and the open-source OpenAI library from MacPaw πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦, I had a working app that used my OpenAI API key, the same day. I actually used ChatGPT to help me write some of the OpenAI code and tune the parameters for the completion call. Actually, the app icon is also generate with AI. In the first version of HeyAIku, users could not only generate haikus but also save them, and they would be synced with CoreData and iCloud.

The day after, I added the ability to "bring your own key", and submitted the app, just a couple of days before going to Deep Dish Swift.

Adapting to Apple's Requirements

Apple wasn't satisfied with the business model, where they didn't get a cut of the money OpenAI was billing the users for the usage of their API key, and required me to implement in-app purchases. Suddenly the project grew a lot, because I then had to make a backend... I've dabbled in app backend development, but it's not my favourite. However, with assistance from my friend ChatGPT, I built a Firebase Firestore-backed Cloud Function, and along the way, I gained insights into a lot of different technologies.

So now, almost a month after the initial commit, Apple finally approved the app. Undoubtedly, the app now boasts significant improvements, feels more polished, and my knowledge has grown immensely. It's safe to say that everything turned out well in the end.


Your feedback is highly appreciated. Currently, all users can generate 3 haikus for free. If you have your own OpenAI API key, simply input it in the Settings screen and enjoy unlimited haiku creation. Retweets are welcomed with much gratitude!

Experience the magic of HeyAIku, where AI meets haiku poetry. Download it from the App Store today!

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The app is dedicated to the memory of my late wife πŸ’œ who loved looking at our Japanese cherry tree, when it bloomed with the prettiest little pink flowers 🌸

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