New app: Talkasy

Published on 8 April 2023

Talkasy screenshots

I’ve just released a new app for iPhone, and if you forget talking points and/or are bad at small talk like me, this app is for you!

Introducing Talkasy, the app that helps you never forget a conversation topic again. Whether it's a question you wanted to ask, a story you wanted to share, or a topic you wanted to discuss, Talkasy helps you capture and organize your thoughts, so you can confidently bring them up in your conversations.

Small talk inspiration

Sometimes I find it hard to find something to talk to people about, when I don't know them that well. We all know that weather and the news are good small talk starters, so Talkasy has an Inspiration tab with the weather forecast and the newest news articles.

Origin of Talkasy

For multiple years I have wanted to build an app like Talkasy. I have actually started this project multiple times, but now I finally got it finished and shipped.

I am really bad at coming up with topics to discuss with family and friends, when I meet them, and just as I leave a party or gathering, a lot of topics come to mind. I made Talkasy to help me track these topics, so they are ready the next time.

Key features

  • Effortless note creation and organization for streamlined topic tracking
  • Person-centric note tracking for seamless conversation flow
  • Built-in inspiration with weather forecasts and news articles for engaging small talk
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